Gods and Saints

by The Fur Trade

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Jennifer Ruse
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Jennifer Ruse Cause that's what I do. No matter how much stigma causes me to say don't lay your self bare, I do and I kinda like it.
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released May 17, 2016

Kat Farnsworth: Photography

Recorded, mixed and mastered at The Outpost



all rights reserved


The Fur Trade Janesville, Wisconsin

Singer/songwriter from Janesville, WI

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Track Name: Constellations
You know it's alright now. Come on out of hiding. I'll put my hand on your heart and tell you that it's beating.

You know I'm going to love you until the stars are all done shining and we're pouring out our hearts, standing in the failing light, and the constellations change; they begin to lose their shapes, and everything about yourself that you loved begins to fade.

When you look up at the sky and you point out at the stars, maybe there's one to bring you hope. It better not be far.
Track Name: Up In Flames
No one talks. They're feeling crazy. Not a word, not a single thing. I'll be off the hook in the undercurrent. On my knees, I'm gonna sing.

Up in flames in the undercurrent; nothing but space there inside, where the lies all used to be. Up in flames in the undercurrent; here at the edge of night where the fire is running free as the world goes up in flames; we've got a lot left to burn.

The cracks don't show. We don't want down. Don't look at the pain when you're pushing it out.
Track Name: Catching Rain
Somewhere you promised your love. Sometimes there's none to give. People always promise always and forever and they never learn.

I'm a gutter for a flower, true love for an unbeliever. You know there's no one like you, guessing if it's love or pain. It's like catching rain.

Somehow you stole the day. In some ways, the feeling's true. You took the beauty from the sky and shook me like the thunder, no wonder you (made me)
Track Name: Clear and Cold
I want to hold your face and be a pure reflection in a crystal stream at the end of winter; clear and cold.

The universe is clear and cold, like my heart and like my soul. It once was lost. It once was hurt. Now it's your beautiful universe.

I have no case to state; no evidence collected. Every day I want to do good, and every day I don't.
Track Name: Papercuts
If all that's left inside your chest is an empty feeling; papercuts. If the fools all laugh in your direction, and your patterns of thought and your rivers of tears have got you sunk and make you question, just change them up, cause it don't end here.

When you lose touch, remember it's not wrong to feel okay.

The fickle moon is full only once. Even the sun, the constant sun, takes our light away. Are we here by accident or mistake? Let the darkness come.

I'm climbing higher and I'm getting fearful. It's never ending and I'm falling.